Variations on table design in law firm survey reports

Carlton Fields CA 2013 [pg. 21] turned to an unusual table design (aside from the shadowed box). It is a simple 2 x 2 that uses a couple of colors and very large numbers. The snippet includes a summary statement at the top and two bullets on the left which complement the table’s data.

From Carlton Fields CA 2013 [pg. 12], its table offers two variations. First, the firm outlined the most important data in red and added in the right margin “> than 50%.” Think of this as a technique to highlight the most significant finding in a table. Additionally, the firm backgrounded the left column in green for the seven rows below the header. Other than that, there are no cell borders or outline to the table.

The unassuming table from Bryan Cave Collective 2007 [pg. 5] was selected for its black background of the header row, the choice of not identifying the leftmost column with a header label, the replay of the question from the survey above the table, and the horizontal divider lines above and below the table.  To give a sense of the table on the page, the snippet includes part of the text in the second column.

CMS Poland 2016 [pg. 22] chose to outline the cells with partial lines and it aligns the data at the top of each partial line. Also, aside from the left column and its longer text, the most common layout of a table makes the remaining columns of equal width. This table contravenes that convention.

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