Typical threshold of respondent revenue: $1 billion

Someone interested in research by law firms might think that corporate revenue of more than one billion dollars would be a common amount to categorize that data. The demographics detail could say things like “Number of respondents reporting less than $1 billion” or “Respondents between $1 and 4 billion revenue.”

Bryan Cave CollectiveLit 2007 [pg. 23] employs the cut-off figure and presents the revenue profile of its 242 respondents simply and elegantly. Readers can add the three largest categories and know that 39.7% of them reported more than $1 billion of global revenue.

DLA Piper Compliance 2017 [26] also lays out the revenue of its respondent companies. Readers can figure out that 32% of the companies exceeded $1 billion.

Some reports represent the number or percent of their participants whose revenue exceeded one billion dollars. These three did so.

  1. Pinsent Masons Energy 2017 [pg. 5]: all 200 businesses had revenue greater than $1 billion
  2. HoganLovells Brexometer 2017 [pg. 14]: all 210 respondents’ companies had more than $1 billion of revenue, and
  3. Clifford Chance Crossborder 2012 [pg. 36]: All respondents represented companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion.

Other reports partially disclose or require some detective work.

  1. Proskauer Rose Empl 2016 [pg. 4]: Almost half of the survey respondents work for businesses with annual revenues of $1 billion or more
  2. Carlton Fields CA 2012 [pg. 40]: its 322 participants had average annual revenues of $13.1 billion and median of $3.8 billion. Seventeen percent are Fortune Global 500 companies, and nearly 49 percent are Fortune 1000 companies. Of those, eight percent are Fortune 100, 19 percent are Fortune 101-500,\footnote and 21 percent are Fortune 501-1000.
  3. KL Gates GCDisruption 2017 [pg. 19]: majority of companies (82% of 200 companies, of 164 companies) had revenues of Euro 1 billion or more (at that time a Euro was about 1.3 dollars).

Unfortunately, many survey reports do not give enough detail about their respondents’ distribution of revenue to say anything regarding the common threshold of one billion dollars of revenue.

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