Types of co-contributors on law firm research surveys

Earlier I identified co-contributors who have teamed with various law firms on research surveys. Not that the law firm always leads the survey project and retains a co-coordinator. Some research projects happen the other way around; perhaps a group that lacks funds solicits a law firm to help out or another organization wants legal commentary. This analysis does not differentiate surveys by the respective roles of the law firm and its co-coordinator.

Based on 91 survey reports available in PDF that I have analyzed, approximately 106 co-contributors are named (some more than once). A more precise number count would depend on categorizing the units of larger organizations separately or collectively, e.g., Acuris units and Economist Group units.

Based on self-descriptions on their home webpage, I categorized the co-contributors into 15 types. The line between types has looseness, as between ‘Market Research” and “Marketing”, or between “Consulting” and either of those. Be that as it may, knowing that more work needs to be done to confirm all of the match ups and that other research surveys will turn up additional co-contributors, at least a preliminary view can be shared here. The plot below shows the initial results.

Law firms that do not proceed entirely on their own with a survey gravitate toward co-coordinators that help them reach the target market. Market research firms, publications that reach a sector or niche within a sector, and trade groups that have members with shared interests are by far the most common match ups. At the other end of frequent collaboration, firms team with a wide variety of co-contributors.

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