Trend data and year-over-year comparisons

The portion of Akerman RealEstate 2016 [pg. 13] shown below, which omits the remaining six funders, shows year-over-year changes with paired bars. [We note in passing the unusual page-number with its the vertical firm name, divider line and number.]

Carlton Fields CA 2015 [pg. 7] conveys trend data for nine years and a projection for a tenth year. This line chart also shades the four years of decreased spending.

Another visualization of changes over time comes from Morrison Foerster MA 2017 [pg. 7]. This plot covers five years, with data collected twice a year, and presents the data as segmented column charts.

DLA Piper Debt 2015 [pg. 7] uses a side-by-side bar plot to give data from past years’ projections.

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