Titles of law firm reports based on research surveys

The most common style of title starts with a few keywords and then adds another line or a few explanatory words after a colon. Here Ashurst GreekNPL 2017 is one of many examples:

Titles on survey reports range from functional to fanciful. “Outsourcing Public Services Across Local Government” [Ashfords Outsource 2017] is about as meat-and-potatoes as it gets; “South Florida Real Estate 2016 Outlook Survey” [Berger Singerman SFlaRE 2016] has a similar matter-of-factness.

Some titles expand: “The Good, the Bad, and the Troubling: Fasken Martineau’s 2017 Employer Occupational Health and Safety Survey Report Legal Compliance Challenges For Canadian Employers” [Fasken Martineau OHS 2017] or “Getting it right from the ground up: A survey on construction disputes: The causes and how to avoid them” [Russell McVeagh ConstrDisp 2018].

Only rarely does a title include both the name of the firm and the year, as in “Baker McKenzie 2016 Cloud Survey” [Baker McKenzie Cloud 2016]. A touch more commonly, the year alone appears: “European Acquisition Finance Debt Report 2011” [DLA Piper EuropeDebt 2011].

Titles that stand out entice the reader. Examples include “Mythbusting the common law marriage” [Mills Reeve CommonLaw 2017] or “The Multichannel High Street: A Nation of Shoppers: but is it a nation of shopkeepers?” [Squire Sanders Retail 2013].

Most titles get the job done with simple language and structure. A few approach complexity: “Finding the balance: human touch versus high tech: Millennials and the future of the hotel and restaurant sector” [CMS Restaurants 2018].

When law firms conduct a series of surveys, the titles usually morph in minor ways as the years pass. For instance:

  1. “Survey Of Office Occupiers: Changing Attitudes To Property Needs” [Irwin Mitchell Occupiers 2014]
  2.  “Survey Of Office Occupiers – Part III: Changing Attitudes To Property Needs – Autumn 2015” [Irwin Mitchell Occupiers 2015]
  3.  “Survey Of Office Occupiers – Part IV: Changing Attitudes To Property Needs and the Impact of Brexit – Summer 2016” [Irwin Mitchell Occupiers 2016]
  4.  “Property Trends in 2018 – Survey of Office Occupiers” [Irwin Mitchell Occupiers 2018].

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