Text boxes to emphasize commentary

Another design choice for survey reports is something we shall call a text box. The idea is to package text in a visible container, such as surrounded by a border, perhaps with a background shading, in a location apart from the main text and even extending into the margin. Although not common in law firm survey reports, the technique can be striking and effective. Such a design element directs attention to whatever is in the text box.

Here is a partial example from Dykema Gosset MA 2014 [pg. 5]. A table sits above the image portion, which has truncated a graphic of a gardener’s watering can in the lower left. The bullet points on the left of the text box pertain to it. The box itself stands out because of its blue background and white type.

The next example of a text box comes from Clifford Chance AsiaMA 2017 [pg. 16]. The purplish background with black type (matching the purple of the two pie charts to the left) sits partly in the right margin and relates mostly to the bullet points above it. This page layout, with such a multitude of components, produces a visually and cognitively complex mix.

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