Survey reports that combine the questions in an Appendix

If law firms include in their reports the questions they asked, they usually do so near the relevant plot or table. Every now and then, however, a firm reproduces the questions of the questionnaire in the order they were asked. Here are some examples of that consolidated and comprehensive reporting.

In the five pages of Appendix 2, Berwin Leighton Risk 2014 [pg. 14] states not only all the questions but also all their aggregated responses. Kudos to the firm!

In the image below from HoganLovells FDI 2014 [pg. 62], the Appendix reproduces all the questions (and perhaps what the questionnaire looked like) in a table.

Reed Smith MediaRebates 2012 [pg. 9] includes all the questions in its Appendix.

Browne Jacobson Sleepins 2018 [pg. 32] reproduces all of its 80 questions on the survey in an Annex.


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