Six years of law firm surveys and the number of different firms

We have located a total of 348 research surveys, of which 189 were announced during the past five and a half years. A total of 83 different law firms played a role in those surveys.

The plot below shows by the height of each column the number of surveys announced each year, with the most (83) during 2017. This year looks set to exceed that figure because through the middle of 2018 more than 50 research surveys have been identified.

Through the middle of the plot the reader can see the number of different law firms that conducted a research survey during each year. For example the 26 surveys found for the year 2013 were the efforts of 20 different law firms. The trend of the number of firms that are surveying is definitely increasing.

The horizontal black lines in each column partition it by law firm. Each colored bank represents a law firm. Most of the partitioned segments are one unit high, since most of the firms only sponsored a single survey during a year. Yet some firms were prolific. For example in 2017 two firms in the top third of the 2017 column accounted for approximately 10 of surveys that year as shown because their segments of five are tall (three firms below them, starting at the 25 mark on the y axis, also churned out a similar number of surveys). The number 47 appears in the middle of those two segments toward the top.

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