Quotes per page and per substantive page

In the never-ending quest to quantify, consider how many quotations nine reports include. Only “non-text” quotes were counted, which is when the quotes are separated from the main text. The plot below shows the calculation of quotes per page of the report (if a report has 20 pages and 10 quotes, the result is 10 divided by 20, 0.5). The bars are sorted from the highest ratio at the top, one quote for every other page of the report, down to slightly less than one quote for every 10 pages of the report at the bottom. Considering the entire data set, the reports average a non–text quote about every three pages.

To see if the separation of the Atlantic ocean makes a difference in the quote-per-page ratio, the U.S.-based law firms were given the orange (lighter) fill and the U.K.-based law firms the black fill. No pattern jumps out from this small data set.

As mentioned before, quotations differ in the amount of work they require of the law firm and perhaps in the purposes and foci of the quotes. Additionally, most methods of displaying quotes take up a fair amount of page space, what with borders and spacing and icons and type font, so the quote’s information value and visual appeal need to be balanced against other considerations.

Another analysis of the frequency of quotations looks at the distribution of quotes in relation to \underline{substantive pages} of reports. Substantive pages \index{substantive pages} are those where findings from the report are being presented, and therefore exclude covers and back pages pages, firm marketing pages, tables of content and introductory letters, and other pages that do not add value based on findings. The chart hereafter shows the results for the same nine law firms.

As as with the preceding plot, this one color codes the law firms to indicate whether they are U.S.-based (lighter, orange) or U.K.-based. The rankings barely changed, which says that the ratio of substantive pages to non-substantive pages in these reports were generally equivalent.


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