Published reports from law-firm surveys (compared to unpublished)

Most law firms that go through the effort to collect online survey data proceed to publish their results in a report. Almost always those reports are available on the firm’s website in PDF format. Out of the 349 surveys currently collected, 65% of them (227 surveys) are available online in PDF format.  Or, in a few instances, this blogger obtained the reports directly from the law firm and it is possible that they are not available to the public on the firm’s website.

Another 22% of the surveys (78) are evidenced by a Word file created by the author that captures a press release or some other reference to a survey (in computer-speak, PDF = FALSE). Finally 13% are deemed “Missing” where this author knows about the survey, perhaps from a statement in an extant survey, but not even a Word file memorializes it. The survey report is missing in action.

For each column year in the plot, the light, yellow segment at the bottom conveys the number of surveys obtainable in PDF format (PDF = TRUE). The tiny green slivers in the middle represent the number of “Missing” surveys, and the remaining dark, purple segment at the top of each column represents the number of Word files.

It is likely that some of the missing and non-PDF surveys are in fact available in PDF format, but the arduous task of tracking them down and confirming that likelihood has not been completed. Also, we should note, in the last few years we have seen some survey reports published other than in PDF format. Firms have used new graphical-presentation software to create their research reports.

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