Plot borders and layout

The plurality of plots in survey reports have no borders, as is the case with this unusual column plot from Akerman RealEstate 2016 [pg. 5]. The plot is unusual because it’s base rests on the bottom of the page, the x-axis line extends to the far left and right, and because there are no axis titles: those titles are shown next to the appropriate column.

Howes Percival SocialMedia 2018 [pg. 7] unusually outlines plots with dashed lines. Intermixed with that design choice are plots outlined in solid borders like the one below on the lower left.

Osborne Clarke Consumer 2018 [pg. 6] borders its plots with a solid line on all four sides. Some people may feel that this enclosure adds nothing to the presentation, merely more ink on the page.

In a final example, from Goodwin Law Rollover 2018 [pg. 6], horizontal lines bracket the plots at the top and bottom.

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