Page text (background color)

Another design decision for law firms introduces on report pages background color. We will refer to the background as texture. Quite often the cover and the back page have texture, but we looked for examples of it inside the report itself (other than divider pages). Sometimes, the effect and design of texture becomes more apparent when you see multiple pages and how the texture varies by color, portions of pages, or locations of color.

Clyde Co Parental 2015 [pg. 2] shades most of the page in cobalt blue, leaving only the top margin and a sliver on the side white.

Brodies Firm Housebuilding 2015 [pg. 1] places a colored rectangle (a gradient color no less) behind the plot, probably both to emphasize the data and to create aesthetic appeal. Note how much stuff fills just this portion of a single page!

Carlton Fields CA 2015 [pg. 31] highlights a quotation with a khaki green rectangle.

As a final example, Berwin Leighton ArbDocuments 2013 [pg. 3] backgrounds the entire page with light blue.

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