Number of plots per page that have a plot

Our sense was that survey reports commonly place only a single plot on a page, but we scrutinized six reports to test that impression: Baker McKenzie Cloud 2015, Berwin Leighton ArbConflict 2010, Carlton Fields CA 2013, DLA Piper RE 2017, Fulbright Jaworski Lit 2013, and Seward Kissel HedgeFund 2015.

Going through each report, we counted how many pages (with a plot) had only one plot on them, how many had two plots, and how many had three plots. No report from this group had a page with four or more plots. Also, this exercise excluded all pages without a plot and did not count tables as plots.

The graphic below displays the results for each report as a proportion bar chart. The bar totals 100\% of the pages with plots and is broken into two or more segments, where the segment length tells what percentage of those pages had one plot (the first, purple, segment closest to the survey name), two plots (the second, turquoise, segment), or three plots (the third, rightmost, yellow, segment). Thus the darkest segment of each report’s bar indicates the percentage of plot pages that had only a single plot. For example, the Seward Kissel report had two-thirds of its plot pages with a single plot and one-third with two plots.

My hypothesis failed. Three of the reports indeed have long dark segments — most of their plot pages contain only a single plot. But double-plot pages dominate the other three reports. The pattern that is most evident from this small sample is that three-plot pages are rare. Only two of the six reports had a three-plot page, and only a single page at that (approximately 10\% of the plot pages).

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