Number of words and words per page in survey reports

The graph that follows shows an aspect of reports: the number of words per report page. The results might be considered a measure of text density: how much text information is included on an average page. The reports were chosen alphabetically from the data set. Furthermore, the software that counted words includes words in graphs, headers, tables, footers, headers, covers and back pages — more words than would normally be assumed to be ‘text.’ Still, since nearly all survey reports have those constituent elements, the numbers of words per report page produce comparable figures.

The total words in the reports varied by an order of 10: from 610 words in the most terse to 6,983 in the most loquacious. This particular set of ten reports averaged 4,493 words with a median of 5,067.

As can be seen, Baker McKenzie Cloud 2017 has approximately 50 words for each of its pages. At the other extreme, Ashurst GreekNPL 2017 weighs in at 420 words for each page.

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