Number of law-firm research surveys per year

The plot that follows shows an increasing number of research surveys each year since approximately 2005. We assign to a survey the year its results became public.

Not that all research surveys by law firms have been identified, far from it. In fact, in the years before 2010 our efforts to unearth research surveys have not been conscientious. That said, were we to plumb those earlier years, we would certainly find more as well as in the 2008 to 2012 period.  [Even the firms themselves have lost track of the surveys they conducted years ago. People have left, memories have failed, mergers have consummated or groups departed, files have disappeared.]

Nevertheless, 2017 has so far surfaced at least 82 surveys, and 2018 has generated more than half that number in a half year, a pace that would exceed the 2017 total. We should also note that our investigations have been directed at surveys in the English language.

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