More co-coordinators of survey projects by law firms

As I discover more and more survey reports, I also find more instances of co-coordinators. With this additional group, the total number of co-coordinators has nearly reached 100.  I have named the co-contributor and then the name of the law firm and its report topic and date.

  1. Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce: Aberdein Considine RealEstate 2017
  2. Allen Associates: Royds Withy OBB 2017
  3. Bench Events: Berwin Leighton MENAHotel 2016
  4. ComRes: Resolution Divorce 2012
  5. GlobalData: Foot Anstey Retail 2018
  6. ICAS: Brodies Firm Brexit 2017
  7. iGov Survey: Ashfords Outsource 2017
  8. Independent Publishing Group; Nielson Book Research: Harbottle Lewis Publishing 2017
  9. Longitude: Charles Russel FamilyBus 2017
  10. Loudhouse: Ashfords Retail 2015
  11. SMF Schleus Marktforschung: Pinsent Masons GermanTech 2014
  12. The Climate Change Collaboration: ClientEarth Climate 2018
  13. The Housing LIN: Winckworth Sherwood OldHousing 2017
  14. The Review: Trowers Hamlin Occupiers 2015
  15. The University of Manchester: White Case WhiteCollar 2017

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