Lists, little used but flexible

Lists appear infrequently, an underutilized technique in survey reports. Yet they summarize key points, they break them up and present them better than blocks of text, create an open feel to a page, and allow aesthetic touches such as the bullets (shape, color, size, spacing), the indenting before and after the bullet, and the spacing between items. Here are examples of some of these variations.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Crisis 2013 [pg. 7] uses small blue circles and no indenting from the header. One line fits between each list item.

Morrison Foerster MA 2016 [pg. 4] also uses a simple, small circle as the bullet but indents the items two or three letters from the preceding main text.

Seyfarth Shaw RE 2017 [pg. 11] uses white bullets and indenting (note that the yellow shading is not from the original; it uses white typeface as in the bottom item). Here, too, the designer reduced the typeface for the list items and nestled the bullets close to the item text.

Dykema Gossett Auto 2012 [pg. 4] chose square blue boxes for the bullets and seems to have left more room between each item than do the previous three examples.

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