How many invitees submit answers to law firm surveys?

Of the 464 law firm research surveys located to date, the number of participants is known for 273 of them. Osborne Clarke Consumer 2018 collected an extraordinary 16,000 participants so we have set it aside for this analysis as well as the next largest survey, CMS Restaurant 2018 at 5,446 participants, because they materially skew the aggregate calculations for the distribution.

Based on the slightly reduced set of data, the average numbers of participants is 417 while the median is 203. At the extremes, 11 surveys had fewer than 50 participants while six had 2,000 or more. Without the two outliers, the grand (known) total has reached 92,098.

The plot that follows shows the total number of participants per year.

The box plot shows more about the distribution of participants each year. The medians have been consistently around 200 participants. Lately, however, some outliers have been significantly above that figure.

Why do people take the time to respond to surveys from law firms?

  1. Most of them have some intrinsic interest in the subject of the survey.
  2. Longer term thinkers appreciate that reliable data about a subject will benefit everyone.
  3. Some respondents may feel flattered. Providing data and views affirms their sense of competence and knowledge.
  4. A survey is a break in the typical flow of work.
  5. Respondents feel grateful or loyal to the law firm that solicits answers.
  6. Many people feel good about being asked a favor and complying.

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