Focus groups and advisors to research surveys by law firms

A number of law firms prepared for their survey projects by discussing the topic, questions and selections for multiple-choice questions with various people. Most commonly, firms held focus groups. As one example, White Case Arbitration 2010 [pg. 34] explains that “An external focus group comprised of senior corporate counsel, external counsel and academics provided comments on the draft questionnaire.” As a second example, Davies Ward Barometer 2010 [pg. 5] and the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) drew guidance from several preparatory focus groups.

Proskauer Rose Empl 2016 [pg. 3] formed an advisory committee of seven distinguished in-house lawyers to weigh in on its survey initiative. The firm’s co-contributor, Acritas, also tapped into lawyers and in-house alumni of the firm.

Many other people contribute to the success of a research project, but rarely are those who toil in the trenches acknowledged by law firms in their published reports.

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