Density of questions in survey reports by law firms

For the most part, survey reports present approximately one question asked per page of report. The plot that follows shows data on how many questions were asked per report page. The data comes from a random set of reports that made reasonably clear how many questions its survey asked.

Stated differently, for every question asked, reports devote a bit less than a page to present the plot of findings (or table or list) and discuss the findings. Often pages also have quotations and other material. As you consider the plot, bear in mind that every report has at least a cover page and a back page that does not address a question.

The next plot shows how many pages are in each of the reports covered by the preceding plot and how many questions are explicitly discussed. The sweet spot appears to be about 20 questions in 25 pages, which again works out to roughly one question per page after you subtract the questionless cover, table of contents and introductory pages, and back page.


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