Demographic data tailored for survey

We have written extensively about demographic data and how law firms report it from their research. Some kinds of demographic data figure prominently and consistently in reports, such as what we have termed the Big 4 demographics. But some surveys explore topics that justify other, one-off demographics. We show six of them below as displayed in reports issued by six different law firms.

HoganLovells, researching foreign direct investment [pg. 74], shows in the plot on the left 15 roles the firm asked about. On the right, White & Case’s research into arbitration collected demographic data about respondents’ legal background [pg. 52].

Moving from the two plots above to the two below, Davies Ward, interested in Canadian lawyers, sought answers on the years respondents had been practicing law [pg. 9]. Norton Rose Transport [pg. 2] turned to a donut plot to display 11 roles within four industries.




In the final two instances, in the left plot Winston Strawn looked at risk [pg. 31]. Its questionnaire asked not just about where the respondent’s company was based but also where the respondent individually was based .

And Foley Lardner studied telemedicine [pg. 10] in the first of a series, starting in 2014, and drilled down on types of healthcare organizations.














Law firm research surveys might ask for all kinds of background, profile data that illuminates their findings. It is easy to think of examples, such as patent records outstanding for research into intellectual property practices or the age of respondents for research into demographics.

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