As State Bars require technology competence, data science for lawyers will be boosted

As more state bars require lawyers admitted to practice in the state to keep up with technology, legal data science will gradually seep into the CLE curricula.

Recently the Florida Supreme Court took a step farther than other state bars have done.  It amended its Minimum Continuing Legal Education Standards to require attorneys to complete over a three-year period three hours in “approved technology programs” [quotes added; the terms are not further defined].

According to Tera Brostoff, Bloomberg BNA  (Oct 7, 2016),  the second amendment says that competent representation may involve a lawyer’s association with or retention of a non-lawyer advisor with established technological competence. The amendment also states that a lawyer should engage in continuing study and education in the area of technology, ‘Including an understanding of the risks and benefits associated with the use of technology.’  At least 24 other State Bars have adopted a ‘duty of technological competence.’ However, Florida is the first state to make a technology Continuing Legal Education course mandatory.”