Additional detail to highlight data in a plot or table

Careful attention to the central message of a plot or table can lead a firm to drill down or annotate that part of the data. Various techniques direct the reader to a key point. Here are three examples.

Dykema Gossett MA 2017 [pg. 10] calls attention to China with the text box and mini-bar plot inside it, and the text tells readers more about the country.

Carlton Fields CA 2013 [pg. 12] outlines the most important data in red braces and lines and also adds in the right margin “> than 50%,” thereby highlighting the most significant findings.

Herbert Smith CorpDebt 2018 [pg. 8] breaks out the 30 percent “yes” slice into six sub-slices. If the firm had not done that it could have made the donut plot a seven-slice plot, but doing so would have muted the more detailed insights from exploding out the “yes” details.

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